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Vern pays tribute to Jesse with new ad

I have to hand it to him, self-loathing black homobigot Vernon Robinson (the “black Jesse Helms”), running against Brad Miller in NC-13, does know how to plant a buss on his mentor’s forehead.

In this latest piece of filth, he pays homage to Helms’s famous “White Hands” commercial used in his 1990 Senate run against then Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt (my post on that here).

The race was tight, with Gantt, a black man, ahead. Then the commercial ran — a close up of a pair of flannel-shirtsleeved white hands crumpling a rejection letter, with an ominous voiceover explaining that a well-deserved job went to someone else because of affirmative action. This appealed to the blue collar, textile working folks in the rural areas, and Helms won handily.

Vern’s twist is to make the pair of hands black this go-round, and to blame the rejection on the hiring of illegal immigrants, which, of course, is all Brad Miller’s fault.

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He’s appealing to The Base, even as his black posterior would have been sitting at the back of the bus only a few decade ago because of the worldview of The Base. What a sick individual.

Brad asks an obvious question — Will Republicans Stand By Vernon Robinson? Isn’t this Ken Mehlman‘s party of outreach? Does he have a comment?

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