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More “Bipartisan” BS


Did you know Joe Lieberman is all about fighting global warming?   Yeah neither did I.  But if you go to the newly un-hacked "Joe2006 " blog, you’ll see all about his "bipartisan" efforts to address global warming and ride Al Gore’s coattails:

Former Vice President Al Gore today delivered an important address on global warming and energy security at NYU, where he called for a bipartisan approach to meeting these critical challenges. 

Joe Lieberman issued the following statement in support of Vice President Gore’s message of unity and purpose:

"The former Vice-President’s call today for greater bipartisanship to tackle two of the most critical issues facing our nation – climate change and energy security – is an important reminder that progress on almost every difficult and seemingly intractable challenge facing America requires bipartisan leadership. 

You know, Kobe’s birthday is August 9 and I might decide that it needs to be a national holiday, and I might even get John McCain to agree with me — assuming he has a soft spot for large black poodles.  It has about as much to do with being a "bipartisan" effort as Joe’s Global Warming Kabuki:


  • In the 1990s, Joe was a forceful advocate for engaging the U.S. in international efforts to confront global warming.
  • In 1998, Joe joined Senator Chaffee (R-RI) in introducing the first market-based Senate legislation to reduce global warming pollution.
  • In 2003, Joe introduced with Senator McCain (R-AZ) the first comprehensive “cap and trade” bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act would reduce U.S. global warming pollution to year 2000 levels by 2010.
  • The Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act would create a comprehensive market-based emissions cap and trading program to cut global warming pollution from the biggest U.S. sources at the lowest possible cost.
  • The Tellus Institute found that the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act would create a net increase in U.S. employment – adding 800,000 jobs by 2025.
  • Joe and Senator McCain forced the Senate to vote on the bill twice and will continue to fight until the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act becomes law.

But the "Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act" stands about as much chance of passing as National Kobe Day.  What did pass was Dick Cheney’s energy bill, which Joe obediently voted for at the behest of his GOP overlords.  What did he get for his efforts from his Republican friends in return for reaching across the aisle to vote for a successful bill that called for the absolute devastation of everything he now purports to stand for?  Well, er, nothing, because Joe is a chump.  They didn’t do shit for him because they didn’t have to.  He rolled over like a dog who didn’t even get a hard biscuit for his efforts, just the sheer pleasure he could ignite in his master’s eyes.

It should also be noted that while Joe is trying to ride Al Gore’s coattails, Gore refuses to endorse Joe.

Will journalists covering the Connecticut race bring these points about Joe’s phony bipartisanship to the attention of their readers, or will they slavishly repeat Joe’s absurd talking points where he and those close to him reveal they have absolutely no understanding of what the term "bipartisan" actually means?

You too can play the home version of our game, click the "spotlight" button below, select "regional" and "CT" and ask your favorite journalists covering the race if their dictionaries are more up-to-date than Joe’s.

What did you get for it, Joe? 

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Jane Hamsher

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