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Et Tu, Cub Labor Leader Jimmy?


Connecticut’s largest union has switched its endorsement from Turncoat Joe to endorse Ned Lamont’s candidacy for the US Senate:

One of the state’s largest labor unions has dropped its endorsement of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman and switched its support to Democratic primary winner Ned Lamont….

Sal Luciano, the executive director of Council 4, announced the endorsement Sunday, saying that the union wants to see a congressional delegation able to stand up to the Bush administration.

"Since the Aug. 8 primary, we paid close attention to the remarks of both men," Luciano said. "We saw Joe Lieberman moving closer and closer to Bush, while Ned Lamont held firm in his strong opposition to the direction Bush is taking us."

Council 4 is a politically active union that represents 35,000 members and is the state’s largest affiliate of the AFL-CIO….

"In the end, our delegates realized that it boiled down to a simple question: Which candidate will stand up to George Bush and Dick Cheney?" Luciano said. "That candidate is Ned Lamont and only Ned Lamont."

One wonders what Cub Labor Leader Jimmy Olsen, head of CT’s AFL-CIO thought of the switch to supporting Ned Lamont, since until now he’s been bragging that the whole union would salute under whatever banner Lieberman was running — because, as Olsen said, he runs the show.  Sounds to me like the Cub Labor Leader salute has gone a bit limp, and that he has a mutiny in the ranks with which to contend.

So much for that co-opted union leadership on which the Lieberman campaign was counting…looks like the rank and file have had enough of Lieberman being George Bush’s rubber stamp.

MSNBC is reporting today that Al D’Amato and Michael Bloomberg have been hosting fundraisers for Lieberman.  I have no doubt that our New York readers have a very good idea of what a D’Amato fundraiser entails as far as attached strings.  (Reader mc found a link to an AP wire story on the NYC fundraiser that D’Amato is co-chairing with Bloomberg for CTforLieberman.)  Any questions about Turncoat Joe?

(H/T to reader cosmo and TPM Cafe for the Hartford Courant link.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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