We’re training to be warriors only in a much funner way

Scary monsters, super freaks

This is deeply wrong and deeply disturbing and borders upon child abuse. I’ve noticed the ads for the movie on some of the other blogs and went and looked through them, but this is worse than I thought. I haven’t gotten around to buying and reading Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism or Sandler’s Righteous yet, but I intend to because I agree with Rosie O’Donnell that “radical Christianity” which is creating “warriors for Christ” is a threat to this country.

This is not faith; it’s creating a generation of sociopaths, a generation of Eric Rudolphs.

No wonder Jesus hasn’t returned. These people are nuts and He wants no part of them.

(Added): I want to add one more thing here (and not because I’m afraid of being accused of being a religious bigot, because I could really care less) but my daughter has attended Catholic school for the past seven years and has had to take a class in religion every single day that she has attended. This semester they are studying “Social Justice and Ethics”; something that the people at Jesus Camp and Kids On Fire would find as foreign as ‘freedom’, or reality for that matter.

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