Dead Enders


Victor David Good Till The Last Drop Hanson:

In matters of the present war, I have given up on most of the neoconservatives, many of whom, following the perceived pulse of the battlefield, have either renounced their decade-long, pre-September11 rants to remove Saddam (despite the 140,000 brave souls still on the field of battle who took them at their word), or turned on the President on grounds that he is not waging the perfect fight and thus is not pursuing the good war. The Paleo-right is as frightening as is the lunatic Left. My old Democratic party is long dead, their jackals trying to tear apart the solitary and stumbling noble stag Joe Liebermann, the old center taken over by the Kerry and Soros billionaires, and the guilt-ridden academic, celebrity and media cadres.

So we really are left with very little in these pivotal times—the will of George Bush, of course, the Old Breed unchanged since Okinawa and the Bulge that still anchors the US military, the courage and skill of a very few brave writers like a Hitchens, Krauthammer, and the tireless and brilliant Mark Steyn, but very, very few others.

Once you quit giggling over the image of Joe Lieberman as a ” solitary and stumbling noble stag” you find out that all that is stopping our freedom from being bumrushed by the Islamocrimsontide is Hanson, George Bush, Christopher Hitchens, Charles Krauthammer, Mark Steyn, and apparently what’s left of the Greatest Generation (who must be in their seventies by now) who are still hanging around the Pentagon cafeteria waiting for the steam tables to open for the earlybird dinners.

I would say that we are truly fucked…

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