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The obsession by creepy wingnuts with oggling Bill Clinton’s jock and any boobs that get within 60 feet of it continuesMrs. Snickering Right-Wing Beat-Off hoists herself into the fray, but one has to wonder looking at the bizarre and disturbing photo above — are her agressions displaced?

Lindsay Beyerstein has this to say about the Clenis fixation:

It’s ironic that we feminists are continually accused of making spurious charges of sexual harassment and rape. Yet many of our accusers think it’s okay to accuse the former POTUS of sexual harassment and rape without supplying any evidence whatsoever and argue from fantasy sexcrime to feminist hypocrisy.

Seriously, wingnuts, within your small, isolated subculture it may be accepted fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist, and that Hillary killed Vince Foster so Bill couldn’t rape him any more, that the Clintons sexually harassed people with those bathroom fixtures they stole from the White House, and that Bill kept an entire airport waiting for hours while he raped someone on the runway at LAX. However, you must bear in mind that normal people don’t even keep track of your conspiracy theories, let alone believe them.

Here’s a tip for looking less crazy. If you want to accuse someone of hypocrisy, you’ve got to start with what they believe, and find something they’ve done that’s inconsistent with their beliefs. Your beliefs don’t count for gaging someone else’s hypocrisy. If someone does something that doesn’t square with your paranoid fantasy plus their ideology, that’s not hypocrisy on their part. Sorry.

These people make the 19th Century Viennese look sexually well-adjusted.

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Jane Hamsher

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