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Big Doings This Week

Robert Greenwald, who can be seen in the above YouTube of his interview on CNBC’s Power Lunch, has a fantastic documentary coming out on war profiteering: Iraq for Sale – The War Profiteers.  Readers in the DC area will be interested to know that a press conference will be held for the film on Monday, September 18th, hosted with Sen. Byron Dorgan in the Dirkson Office Building at 11:00 am ET.  This is an issue that deserves a whole lot more sunshine and needs much, much more accountability.  (If you would like to attend a screening — or host one yourself — you can find information here onhow to do just that.)

We’ve been trying to spotlight the issue here at FDL with Matt O.’s great posts on the subject and beyond, but this film really brings the issue home in so many very important ways — through a visual medium that really brings the day to day story right in your face.  It is very well done, and we’ll be bringing you much more information on the film in the days to come.

Oh, and speaking of a need for accountability, it’s all well and good until someone mentions the practical implications of the Bush Administration policies for real people in the real world.  Digby has the analysis, and is spot on (as usual).

Bob Geiger has a sampling of the week in cartoons — and man, are some of them painful and hilarious at the same time.  (Thanks, Bob!  I needed that this morning.)

Some days, you just have to read yourself some Billmon and say, "Damn!  I wish I’d written that."  See here and here.

Gilliard finds a few choice words for Mayor Bloomberg and the DLC…and their impending alleged nuptuals.  (The Muck is linking up a Forbes article that says the DLC may lose its tax exempt status.)

Michael Powell has been a bad boy.  (Crooks and Liars has the scoop — when will they learn that it is the cover up that bites you in the ass every time?)

Josh has some info on the IRS digging into a church in LA that preaches tolerance and peace.  (Because, you know, Jesus was all about the bias, the bling and the warmaking at all costs.  Ahem.)  I’m wondering when the Dobson gang can expect the same treatment from the IRS for preaching GOP-based values?  Yeah, I know, keep waiting in this Administration.

Funniest headline I’ve seen this week:  "Ney:  I’m Guilty, I’m Sorry, I Drink."   (Apparently you also play go-between to Jack Abramoff and Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL), while he was still a member of the Bush Cabinet.  Ooops.)

Oh, and first they pressure the CIA to change their analysis to suit the desired end on Iraq.  And now there are concerns that the Bush Administration is pressuring JAG attorneys to change their values and interpretation of the law to suit the Administration’s desire for CYA.  Are there any ethical issues they are not willing to try and end run?

What caught your eye this morning in the news or in the blogs?  Discuss…

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