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You didn’t really think I was going to let this pass by, did you?

Boy. It’s getting so you can’t take your fabulous and otherworldly wife out on a date without coming back to find that the world has gone to hell in a boob-basket. As if you didn’t already know, we speak of the Great Breasticle Crisis of 9/15; a day that we refer to in hushed tones until, at least, next Thursday at about 3:15ish PST.

Probably the best wrap-up is this one is at LG&M which includes this:

Glenn Reynolds has, of course, joined the ranks of glibertarians charging Jessica Valenti with being photographed while having breasts. He links to this post by Dr. Helen, who calls the people who met the President “a support group for gropers.” Leaving aside the idiocies of the theater critic approach to politics, what she omits is the actual evidence that Clinton is one of the “biggest gropers around.”

Now this all started because of comments made by the Social Maladroit Known As Althouse who can kill a dinner party faster than you can say, “I’d love to stay but I have to get home and…um…shave my cat.” Unfortunately, since I’m late to the party, I have come in after La Althouse has decided that it is all so dreadfully dreary now and she has better things to do and besides “boobs are so boring that everything seems boring.”

Based upon what I have previously read on her blog I am hard-pressed to conceive how her life could get any more boring short of a self-induced coma.

But that’s not the point I want to make. And I do have one.

The point is that two of these people who should know better are tenured law professors at relatively prestigious law schools (and the standard I use involves a baseline of zero which would be anywhere Hugh Hewitt teaches and scampers as quickly up the ladder as possible). The third is a forensic psychologist (who also has now found the whole topic “dull“). This makes me question the whole concept of higher education which is a relief as we ponder where the lovely and talented Casey will be going to college next year and how much it is going to cost us.

“Become a plumber!” I say, but does she listen? No.

I blame it on the boobs.

The shorter point I want to make is; if there is one thing that the internets have to teach us, it is that awfully smart people can be awfully dumb an awful lot of the time.

But you probably already knew that.

As an aside I was going to include Ace in the group above but after reading this in the midst of his breast reportage:

Speaking of judging computers… I got my new Dell at 6:30 and finished setting it up about a half hour ago. It looks pretty nice. Basic, but nice. Got that new computer smell I love so much.

I haven’t really tested it out yet.

I wonder if it will handle 1) Age of Empires III or 2) Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

I figure 1) yes and 2) kind of, but not very well.

I’m guessing that his experience with boobs is probably more theoretical than it is experiential so he doesn’t count.

You probably already knew that too…

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