…and don’t even get me started on those drunken
Irish bastards, puking up our streets every March

Signs of the coming reconquista

The things you find on the internets:

I live in the United States of America. When I celebrate Independence Day, I celebrate the independence of the American colonies from Great Britain. That happens on July 4, every year.

As I am not a citizen of any other country, I do not celebrate any other country’s independence day.

So, I was quite annoyed to come across this section in this week’s Safeway ad (Page 7 if you use the link, otherwise, left side, top of the bottom half of the page):

No thanks! I don’t live in Mexico. I will never live in Mexico. And I don’t think a company in the United States of America ought to be promoting Mexican Independence Day. It ought to be promoting America, America, America.

This is just another example of the invasion of our beloved country by foreigners and their culture. I have nothing against Mexicans celebrating Mexican Independence Day IN Mexico, but if you want to live in this country, make use of our services, and benefit from our traditions, economy, and freedom, then you better be willing to BECOME AN AMERICAN. That means no more Mexican Indpendence Day. You celebrate Independence Day on July 4th or get the hell out.

This is going to come as quite a blow to a lot of people come December 25th. No more birthday parties for that kid from Nazareth.

And we don’t mean that one in Pennsylvania.

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