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The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ruling Party


After a week like this, how can any American lump all politicians and both parties into the "they’re all corrupt" bin? Let me just do a quick round-up of what the morally bankrupt party that controls the executive and legislative branches of our government has been up to lately. This is merely what has caught my attention, mind you, so feel free to keep the round-up going in the comments section. 

We started out the week with the right-wing take-over of not only ABC, but of our nation’s collective memory of the September 11th attacks, with Disney/ABC’s "Path to 9/11." The project’s right-wing roots were exposed as being part of David Horowitz’s 2-year PR campaign to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11, and this propagandistic pic was sublimely timed to coincide with the Bush adminstration’s airwaves onslaught this week to drive fear and confusion into the hearts of all Americans just weeks before the mid-term elections. Has any president ever gotten so much airtime in one week before? 

From Michigan came the news that the College Republicans on the campus of the University of Michigan were planning to recruit some young souls with activities like "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" and "Fun with Guns." Now, the first one is racist and reprehensible enough, but "Fun with Guns" would have involved students taking aim at cardboard cutouts of Democratic leaders with BB guns. When DNC chair Howard Dean wrote to RNC chair Ken Mehlman this week about how disgusting these activities were, Mehlman tried to distance the RNC from the planned events in Michigan. But, the fact remains that GOP and RNC funds flow to College Republican programs around the country, and such events have been been carried out on other campuses. As the copy on the College Republican National Committee web site reads:

As the grassroots arm of the GOP, the College Republican National Committee organizes the votes, volunteers, and media that win close contests all across the country.

Way to organize, GOP! Racism and assasination training!

Yesterday we learned that a report first commissioned by the FCC while under the leadership of Republican Michael Powell, was later buried because it found that media consolidation has had a negative impact on local news. Can’t let THAT get out! No surprise that Powell, now a private consultant, is today denying that he had anything to do with the report, but that’s a common Republican trick. Deny you had anything to do with reports or facts, should they come to light. Report? What report?  

Then, there’s my favorite rhyme of the week: Ney, Delay and a Street Named K. Republican Congressman Bob Ney agreed today to plead guilty to federal criminal charges that he made false statements and conspired to commit fraud and violate federal lobbying laws. From CBS Marketwatch:

Ney, an Ohio Republican, became the first lawmaker to admit wrongdoing in the investigation surrounding the activities of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the Associated Press reported. Ney faces up to 10 years in prison, but the Justice Department said prosecutors will recommend that he serve 27 months, the report said. Ney signed the plea agreement Wednesday, but it was not approved by the Justice Department or filed with the U.S. court until Friday.

Republicans and the media have tried to make the Delay-Abramoff scandal into a bi-partisan smear of both parties, but look around, America. Those being indicted are only Republicans.

And because Republicans can never get enough of cloaking their activities in secrets and lies, they have also been busy this week whipping up a new front group, called the Economic Freedom Fund. The folks at the Patriot Project are reporting:

Yesterday in her Patriot Project post Robert J. Perry is Back, Taylor Marsh wrote about Robert J. Perry plunking down $5 million (!) just to fund the Economic Freedom Fund (EFF). Perry – who has close ties to Karl Rove and Tom DeLay – was a prime funder of the notorious Swift Boat Vets for Freedom – the smear front-group that made claims including that John Kerry shot himself to get his medals – and now this one person is providing $5 million in funding for a national front group that is attempting to have an influence on the control of the Congress in this election.

Fear and confusion is the Republican way. Forget about actually trying to solve problems or to show support for American citizens. The Republican-controlled Congress voted yesterday to deny aid to sick 9/11 responders.

Yesterday, Republican Senators blocked Senator Clinton’s proposal to fund almost 2 billion for medical treatment for sick 9/11 responders. As reported in NYC’s Daily News:

Senate leaders invoked parliamentary rules, saying Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) amendment to a measure funding port security was not "germane." – NY Daily News

Is there no end to the moral bankruptcy of Republicans? Their failed policies have led to an immoral war and thousands of lost lives. Waste and destruction, fear and confusion. Today we learn that because of the mess Bush started in Iraq, trenches will now be dug around Baghdad to "increase security."

What’s next, Republicans? A moat around DC?

Video of the leader only Republicans can adore, courtesy of raniday78.

Update: Senator Barbara Boxer is calling for an investigation into the buried FCC report mentioned above. Learn more from Free Press. You can see video of Boxer on Youtube.

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