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FDL Book Salon Welcomes Keith Olbermann

You asked for it, you got it:  On November 5, two days before the election, Keith Olbermann will be joining us on the FDL  Book Salon to discuss his book The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders .  You’ll remember that after his Edward R. Murrow moment taking the wood to Donald Rumsfeld, we posted a link to his book on Amazon and asked people to buy it as a way of saying thanks.  It subsequently moved from #19,000 on the sales ranking list to #4 and is currently sold out (and now requires 1 to 3 weeks for delivery).

Keith is a genuine hero who does a show of exceptional qualilty night in, night out and has given us all hope during the dark nights of cable news when it looked like all was lost.  We’ll start the discussion in Week One on October 29, and Keith will join us on November 5.  Please show up and let him know how much you appreciate his clear voice and courage.

We’ve also  got Arianna Huffington joining us this Sunday to chat about her book On Becoming Fearless…. in Love, Work, and Life, Sidney Blumenthal will be here on October 1 with his book How Bush Rules: Chronicles of a Radical Regime, and Andy Stern will stop by on October 15 to chat about A Country That Works.  And if you’re real good, Bill Sher of Liberal Oasis might just pop his head in and say hello with his new book,  Wait! Don’t Move To Canada!

We’re having a lot of fun with our book discussions here on the Lake, but the best thing about it are the thoughtful commenters who take advantage of the opportunity to talk to the authors and offer up their observations.  So please stop by and join us, the water is warm.

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Jane Hamsher

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