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Do More Than Vote Adds 27 New Cities: Get Involved!


Some of you may remember when we introduced you to Do More Than Vote back in August.  They’re the outfit of grassroots folks like you who help connect volunteers with GOTV ("get out the vote") organizations that fit people’s interests and time schedules as election time comes.  Back in August, we told you:

Cosmopolity members created DMTV in order to connect ready volunteers with groups that had the capacity to use them effectively. The project consisted of a "hotline" that people could call and a simple website listing opportunities to volunteer. The project was a success- in only eight weeks DMTV helped thousands of New Yorkers get active.

Many of you hooked up with DMTV after we posted about it, and that resulted in a bunch of new cities being added to DMTV’s outreach efforts.  If I recall correctly, they had three cities last August.  Now they have thirty!  The following note comes from George, their lead coordinator:  

Do More Than Vote Now Has 30 Chapters Nationwide

With less than eight weeks to go until the Midterm Elections, and dozens of races across the country coming down to the wire, it’s crucial that every progressive gets active. All of us can afford some time and money, but none of us can afford another 2 years of a Republican controlled Congress. To win it back, Democrats need to pick up 15 House seats and 6 Senate seats. We can do it, and we can win back state houses as well, but only if we Do More Than Vote.

Do More Than Vote (DMTV) now has chapters in thirty different cities and regions across the country. From California to New York to Michigan to Texas, DMTV makes it as simple as possible for progressive volunteers to get active. We gather all the available volunteer opportunities for a city, organize them by time commitment, and present them along with direct links that allow volunteers to learn more or to RSVP.

For the next seven and a half weeks we’ll continue to add more local volunteer options to the thirty cities we already have, and to start new chapters where there’s interest.

Click here to get involved in your city today.

Click here to help us start a DMTV in your city.

Click here to learn more about DMTV.

Remember, Democrats can win, but only if we Do More Than Vote.

If we want to change our country, we have to take Ned’s example, as in the picture above, and Do More Than Vote.  You may not be running for office, but you can do the next best thing:  help get people to the polls.  Don’t know how to get started in your area?  Check out Do More Than Vote.

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