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Nice to know the overseas AmTaliban are just as deranged

“Gays aren’t welcome in our church, help us let New Zealand know.”

“Gays are a cancer in our church, let’s keep them out of leadership.”
— Two bumper stickers sent out by New Zealand’s Presbyterian Church to its membership

The Presbyterian Church in New Zealand is about to vote on whether to ban gay clergy, so some knob-end — anonymously, mind you — sent out nice bumper stickers to parishioners.

Yet another example of tolerant “Christians.” (365gay):

No one has taken responsibility for producing or mailing them, but church leaders say they had to have come from someone with access to the names and home addresses of Assembly members.

In a letter to parishes nationwide, Presbyterian Church moderator the Rt Rev Garry Marquand condemned the action.

“[The stickers] seriously undermine the respect that we have sought to preserve in our discussions on this sensitive issue, and they are also contrary to the accepted processes of the Church.”

Police and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission have been contacted, church officials say. But there is little either can do. Although gays are protected under the Human Rights Act, it only covers housing and employment.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding