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John Edwards and bloggers

Last night a group of NC bloggers, mostly from the Triangle area and Greensboro, had a free-flowing, off-the-record discussion with former NC Senator and 2004 Dem V.P. candidate John Edwards about national and international political issues over dinner at B. Christopher’s Restaurant in Chapel Hill. A good portion of the conversation during the evening also revolved around the use of the web to energize online and offline voter interest, organizing, and action.

Yes, I was there – I was invited (thanks, Ryan Montoya of Edwards’ One America Committee, the former VP candidate’s web presence, who coordinated the event).

Sorry, no group photo (as the A-listers had with Big Bill).

Many of the bloggers at this event will also be attending the open-to-the-public ConvergeSouth in October.


In case you were wondering, given the earlier post about the Clinton blogger event, there was a dearth of color at the dinner last night as well. I guess one is better than zero, but I find this lack of color at political blogging events both curious and troubling — what does that mean for political campaigns and organizing, if anything? What does it say about the political blogosphere itself? Is there any difference between the Left and the Right in representation?

I don’t know, I’m just tossing questions out there as food for thought. It will be interesting to see the composition of the bloggers and bloggers-of-the-future at ConvergeSouth, which is not focused on political issues, its focus is on blogging how-to, technology, and building community.

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Pam Spaulding