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Fundie legal group goes after NY State partner pension benefits

The fundies are like bad pennies — they keep turning up — and in this case, in states where they don’t belong. These bible beater legal eagles want to tell New York that it cannot recognize same-sex marriages from Massachusetts and Canada regarding partner benefits.

The Alliance Defense Fund is citing July’s ruling by NY courts that upheld New York’s ban on same-sex marriage as reason for the state to ban pension benefits. *ssholes. (365gay):

In 2004, NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer issued a legal opinion stating that the New York is obligated to recognize same-sex marriages performed in areas where same-sex marriages are legal.

New York State Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi followed that with a directive that the New York State Retirement System would respect legal out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples for the purposes of pension benefits.

Hevesi is the sole trustee of the retirement system – the biggest state plan in the country – which includes 334,000 retirees and 648,000 current employees.

The Alliance Defend Fund, an Arizona- based organization that regularly fights LGBT issues filed the suit in state Supreme Court in Albany County, N.Y.

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