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Our Troops Keep Taking the Hit


I was supposed to be in a conference call this morning with VoteVets, but was interrupted. So I asked them to send me their most recent ad campaign in support of the troops, which unmasks George Allen even further. Eric from VoteVets emailed me the YouTube version above, which everyone is talking about today. It’s damning. George Allen should be ashamed, though we all know he has no shame.

If only this was the only instance of our troops being hung out to dry. Sadly, it isn’t.

With today’s news in Baghdad, not to mention the reality in Anbar province, it’s even more unconscionable than ever that our troops don’t have all the equipment they need. The Republican record on defense is abominable. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is a disgrace.

Nearly 100 people were killed or found dead in a series of bloody incidents throughout the Iraqi capital over the past 24 hours, authorities said.

At least 62 unidentified bullet-riddled corpses–all bearing signs of torture–have been found throughout the city since Tuesday night, said Brig. Gen. Abdullah Mahmood of the Interior Ministry.

Death Toll Nears 100 in Grim Day in Baghdad

Last week, Keith Olbermann showed a report by Lisa Myers on a defense system that is purported to stop RPGs. Take a look at this video.

Sadly, our soldiers may be taking the hit, quite literally, all because of profit.

The NBC report talks about an anti-RPG system called "Trophy" that is supposed to stop RPGs, rocket propelled grenades. The weapons that are killing so many of our brave soldiers. Trophy could save their lives. Officially, Trophy is an "anti-RPG/Anti-missile protection system for APCs and Tanks," which Defense Review covered on their site in April.

Unfortunately, the Army has a contract with Raytheon to build something like "Trophy" from scratch. When will it be ready? 2011. Wait and die, I guess is the Republican plan. Words cannot express… Our soldiers deserve better.

Watch the MSNBC report. It will infuriate you. As for the reports that Trophy doesn’t work, well, much of the stories are in support of Raytheon. There is a lot of money in a contract like that one.

This YouTube illustration of "Trophy’s" effectiveness is very convincing, but we need to know the facts, find out the truth.

Where is Donald Rumsfeld?

Better yet, where is the Senate Armed Services Committee? Shouldn’t they be asking some serious questions?

Oh, Hillary.

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