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No one wants The Empty Wig's NRSC seat

No one wants to succeed Sugar Lips as National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair. Ha ha ha. She’s proven ineffective in this job and in her Senate role representing my state. Please, please, let the Dems find someone decent to unseat her in 2008. (Charlotte Observer):

The Salisbury Republican won’t have to face N.C. voters herself until 2008. But, as chairwoman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), her political reputation will be on the ballot in states all across the country.

Dole’s image has already taken a beating in the national media because she’s raised less money than her Democratic counterpart — Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. — and because she failed to recruit electable candidates in states such as Florida and Vermont.

If the GOP loses the Senate in November, Dole will get more blame — along with President Bush, whose anemic poll numbers made it hard for her to talk some first choices into running.

Christy at Senate Majority Project takes a look at the scurrying rats on the ship.

Of the top five recruits named:

Jim DeMint: “Rooting for somebody else at this point.” [Roll Call, 8/7/06]

David Vitter: Put me down as a ‘no.’ When asked recently about whether he would consider the job, Vitter said: “Not right now. Mostly because of the enormous travel.” [Roll Call, 8/7/06]

John Ensign: Thanks but no thanks. “Ensign, who is in a re-election race that is tighter than he expected, said thanks but no thanks.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/11/06]

Richard Burr: Not interested. “There’s even been talk recently about drafting Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., to take the job. Not interested, said Burr spokeswoman Laura Caudell.” [Charlotte Observer, 9/11/06]

Mel Martinez: I’m out. Martinez has indicated he is not interested in the position, according to Roll Call. [Roll Call, 8/7/06]

…And really, who can blame them for being reluctant?

“The 2008 cycle promises to be a brutal one since 21 Republican incumbents are up for re-election, and many believe control of the Senate will be up for grabs.” [Roll Call, 8/7/06]

Said a GOP aide, “It would be a challenging time to oversee this job. It’s hard to imagine next cycle would be ideal to claim a ton of victories, especially if you are trying to set yourself up for a bigger and better position in the future.” [8/7/06, roll call]

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