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More fish wrapper

“Ex-gay” advocate Nancy Heche has a new book that will serve as expensive fish wrap, The Truth Comes Out. Wow. This will end up in the remainder bin tout de suite. (365gay):

Nancy Heche, the mother of Anne Heche, is using a new memoir to promote the so-called ex-gay movement – discussing her marriage to a closeted gay man and her feelings when her actress daughter began dating Ellen DeGeneres.

There is little new in the book. Nancy Heche has been a “motivational speaker” for “ex-gay” conferences sponsored by Focus on the Family and other anti-gay groups for several years.

Husband Don Heche died of an AIDS related illness in 1983. “Don’s death took us to the depths of despair. It was the savage, sickening end of our beautiful, perfect Christian family. What could be worse?” she writes.

She says she vowed never again to utter the word “homosexual,” and told people Don died of cancer. And, while criticizing her husband’s homosexuality she admits to having affairs herself with male co-workers.

Maybe they can pair that with Mary Cheney’s tome for a bargain basement seller. One strange thing though — why is Heche’s book paired with the movie “Adam and Steve” on Amazon?

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According to LA Weekly, it is “a twisted, tender comedy that would surely make ‘John Waters cackle with glee’.”

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