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Christy and I got to meet Bill Clinton at his offices in Harlem yesterday. Coming off our mutual victory scored in the ABC/911 fight it was something of a celebration.  I can’t remember a time when national political figures have picked up on a battle being waged in the blogosphere and managed so successfully to reverberate the message and force it into traditional media.

He was also quite interested in what was happening on the Libby/Fitzgerald front.  We’ll be posting more as transcripts of the meeting become available, but suffice to say that we hope this becomes some kind of model for how bloggers and politicians can work together when they share common interests. Mad props go to Peter Daou who was in the unique position to be both aware of the blogospheric conversation and have quick, high-level access to those who could influence the situation.

Maybe all those snappy, forward thinkers in the Democratic Party who might have an interest in doing likewise could leave off calling us dirty urchins long enough to figure out most of us are actually successful professionals who have some interesting things to say and a lively place to say it.

If we’re good enough for Big Dog… 

(photo by Bill Sher of Liberal Oasis

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Jane Hamsher

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