I am Hanson: Grower of Sticks, Weaver of Strawmen

When choosing teams for baseball, an ill-equipped
young Vic Hanson was always taken last

Victor Davis Conan The Historian Hanson has started a blog at Micturition Media and, while he may know the difference between a Peloponnesian and a Pekingnese, he hasn’t quite gotten his right wing blogging chops down:

In that regard, the wild Right of the 1950s, whether characterized by Joe McCarthy, the John Birch Society, or, worse, the Ku Klux Klan, has been entirely isolated from the mainstream conservative party. But is the same true of the Democrats, when Cindy Sheehan (Bush is the “world’s greatest terrorist”), Michael Moore (the terrorists in Iraq are “Minutemen), and Al Sharpton (still no apologies for his race-baiting violence of the 1990s) are welcomed into the fold,…

Geez. Even the dumbest wingnut blogger (think Dan Riehl, Bryan Preston or Bob Owens) knows that the Unholy Trinity of Lefty Unhingedness is comprised of Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, and Ward Churchill, and not Al Sharpton. Either VDCTHH was attempting to inject a little affirmative action into the debate or he felt a little squeamish about attacking a fellow over-hyped academic, restrained as he was by a sense of professional courtesy. Either way, he has some work to do if he wants to join the lockstep parade.

Hopefully by his next post he won’t forget to mention that Michael Moore could stand to lose a little weight. That kind of stuff always keeps them coming back for more…

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