September call-ups

In Major League Baseball teams are allowed to expand their rosters in September by calling up minor leaguers who are then given a chance to show their minor league stuff in limited major league action. For some, it’s to help the big league team make the drive for the playoffs, for others it’s a chance to make a move for next years twenty-five man roster. I suppose this might explain why Tucker Carlson is inviting Single-A level Limbaugh-wannabe Mark Williams onto his show:

WILLIAMS: You know, if he does, I mean, from Pat Buchanan’s lips to God’s ear because that would be the Talk Show Host Employment Act of 2008. You know, Rush Limbaugh and I and guys like me are lighting candles every Sunday praying for just such an event. You know, the Hildebeast is just an amoral politician. Al Gore is nuts. I mean I’ve met the guy. I’ve talked with the guy. I stood 10 feet from him at a MoveOn.Org thing I crashed in D.C., watching him bellow and sweat like a racehorse on — you know, has been drugged out or something. He wasn’t, but he looked like a racehorse, his nostrils flaring. The guy’s nuts, and he’s angry. He was up there talking about how President Bush is agitating for the assassination of judges, and then he said, “If the Supreme Court doesn’t get its act together, people just may rise up against them.” I mean, the guy’s out of his mind. It would be very entertaining. I think the Hildebeast would take him down. I just wish the Republicans had somebody other than, like, [Sen.] George Allen [VA], who’s a great guy, but I wish we had a little more to choose from on the Republican side.

For those not familiar with Williams, he’s a seventh-tier radio host who can’t seem to hang onto a job. Then again, you may remember him from his days counter-programming the death of Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey with his pound dog Casey.

Once a Bush Leaguer, always a Bush Leaguer…

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