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Wild Wildmon follies over '9/11'

The Naudet brothers’ documentary “9/11” aired on CBS on Sunday, all profanity intact, despite the American Family Association’s best efforts to have it bleeped out. The graphic look at what happened inside the WTC on that fateful day is a masterpiece of journalism. You could almost imagine the spittle on Donald Wildmon’s lips as he threw a tantrum watching it.

The “hardcore profanity” (his words) caught by the cameras during the terrorist events was “a slap in the face to the FCC” (ever hear of a remote?), so the AFA put out an action alert ordering the sheeple to spam the FCC and all affiliates that aired the broadcast. Don and Co. wanted stations to receive the indecency fine of $325,000 for each “incident” that aired.

Blender Paul decided to take advantage of the AFA’s nice webform and deleted the boilerplate text and inserted his own special letter to the FCC.

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th St, S.W.
Complaints and Political Programming Branch
Enforcement Division, Mass Media Bureau
Washington, DC 20554

Dear FCC Folks,

My email box has been bombarded for the past couple of weeks by some fool named Don Wildmon over at an outfit who call themselves the American Family Association. Wildmon has been screeching that one of the networks was going to show a documentary about 9-1-1 and during the show allow the actors to use naughty words.

Yeh. So? I let out a couple of “Oh shit!”s myself when I saw the planes crash into the towers.

When you get complaints from Wildmon’s “flock” please take them with a grain of salt, and realise that all those who write you were warned over and over before the airing, by the AFA itself, that the program contained language that some viewers would find offensive. That these same people chose to watch the program, and then have the balls to write you and bitch about it says volumes about their misguided sense of morality.

Might I suggest that you take all the addresses from the emails sent by the folks at Mr. Wildmon’s American Family Association and add them to your spam filter. That’s all the consideration that this group deserves.



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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding