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Open thread…of disbelief

Last night, during the intermission of the terror porn Path to 9/11, the Chimperor explicitly admitted there was no connection between Saddam and the WOT when he launched his Iraq invasion.

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I’m often asked why we’re in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The answer is that the regime of Saddam Hussein was a clear threat. My administration, the Congress, and the United Nations saw the threat — and after 9/11, Saddam’s regime posed a risk that the world could not afford to take. The world is safer because Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. And now the challenge is to help the Iraqi people build a democracy that fulfills the dreams of the nearly 12 million Iraqis who came out to vote in free elections last December.

I wonder if the sheeple were listening, because a Rasmussen poll taken Sunday and Monday nights asked folks about the connection.

A plurality of Americans, 43%, continue to believe that there were links between Saddam Hussein’s government and Al Qaeda prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Thirty-two percent (32%) disagree while 25% are not sure.

If numbers like this come up again in a subsequent poll, our country is hopelessly screwed.

More evidence — Kate was in a conversation with a winger (don’t ask) who was convinced that Al Qaeda chose 9/11 because “it’s the same as the numbers for our emergency response system.” Hopeless.


As folks are noting in the comments, Keith Olbermann snapped off a scathing critique of this travesty of a president.

Read Warren’s take on Dear Leader’s drivel.

Hat tip, Paul the Spud.

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