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Crooks and Liars has a clip from The Daily Show that is pretty funny — it’s great to see Jon Stewart and TDS crew back.  Especially when they say things like this:

George W. Bush in the right man to lead us in the era of post-whatever horrible calamity he leads us into next.

Yesterday, Keith Olbermann really lit into the Bush Administration in his commentary — if you haven’t seen it, you should.  He really brought some heat.  (MyDD reports that Olbermann’s ratings have surged past his CNN competitors.  It’s no wonder.)

Eugene Robinson parses the phrasing brought to us by the "war on terror."  Orwell would be proud.

(Speaking of Orwell, the Administration has apparently wrangled concessions out of McCain, Warner and Graham on the Hamdan decision clean-up bills.  If Democrats were waiting for the Three Stooges to have a spine for them in these negotiations, they bet on the wrong men.  I don’t have time this morning to get into this article — but LHP sent me an e-mail about it, and I think it is worth a mention and some discussion.  And I wanted to throw it out there for everyone to think about and call about until I can grab the time to do a more in depth discussion.  This is important.

And while we are at it, anyone understand what in the hell this is? [PDF]  Since when does the Pentagon ask for public comments on torture/non-torture rules?  What’s up?  And is it me, or did everyone else just feel a tremor in the Mary force?)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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