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Guy Adams no longer associated with Renew America

Tee hee. Illinois law enforcement officer, former Alan Keyes bodyguard, and unhinged homobigot Guysex with infants is the new gay trendAdams has been ejected from left Renew America, according to fellow “Christian” and disturbed anti-gay activist Debra J.M. Smith. There was a “parting of the ways” between Steve Stone, the editor and operator of the site (Keyes is the director).

All of Guy Adams written bleatings and credits on the site have been removed from the RA site.

He’s set up his own pad to rant and obsess about gays and abortion rights advocates.

Check out his breathless, fear-mongering articles such as “Outlawing America for Gays: get involved before it’s too late” and “It’s the End of the World As We Know It,” where he comes unglued over the evil Homosexual Agenda.

Congrats to Joe Brummer for taking this knob-end on. A sample of the stuff he spewed to Joe — Adams is completely unhinged.:

From: “Guy Adams”
To: “Joe Brummer”
Cc: stacyharp
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 2:16 AM
Subject: Reply: From Joe

What’s your point Joe? It sex with babies the truth; it IS happening, so what’s your point?

Let’s just assume that gays are not screwing babies. Okay then, what ARE gays doing? Can you describe it for me and the public???

If you won’t describe it, then I will. Openly and in a national forum.

One thing you will quickly discover about me — I CANNOT be intimidated nor will I retreat. I will stand my ground no matter what.

YOU brought this war to me and I will finish it. And there are many, many more like me too.

We simply don’t care about you petty proclamations, not does Alan.

You woke up the wrong guy.


I guess Alan did care about some of Guy’s petty proclamations. Even Renew America knew when to cut the cord from over-the-edge extremist, threatening fundies like Adams.

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