Nevermind the Pentecost, here come the Muslims

I’m from the government.
I’m here to stone your daughter, the harlot

Via LG&M we see that Joel Mowbray is working the whispers against a Muslim-colored person:

Mowbray’s column actually says relatively little of substance about Ellison himself, instead focusing on the contributions from Arab-American groups and relying on the sort of “he received money from someone who’s brother once stood next to someone who attended a Hamas rally” guilt by very tenuous association that has unfortunately become standard both for duller instruments like Mowbray as well as for supposedly more intelligent conservatives like David Frum.

For Mowbray, being a Muslim is enough to disqualify someone from holding office if not from actually being allowed to live. Although he has a history of shouting muslim!muslim!muslim! he does have a point about one of them being elected to office, Allah, may He win the lottery, forbid.

Besides, only Jesus knows what will happen if Muslims actually start winning political office. As He whispered in the ear of one of his Brides:

A bittersweet consequence of Muslims elected to office and becoming a majority in any state or city in this U.S. is that the so-called separation of church and state will be weakened. It’s bitter because Christianity was pushed out of the public square long ago, and Islam will be pushed into it (I’ll take up arms before I live under sharia); it’s sweet because I’ll get to tell inane liberals, “Told you so. You think Christianity was your enemy, you hare-brained dolts? Openly homosexual Americans, watch out! The Christian faith does not require that unbelievers live under theological rules, nor does it force itself upon anyone or demand that whole societies prostrate themselves before it.”

I’ll say a lot more than that, but you get the idea. :?

I should point out here that using little smiley icons are an abomination in the eyes of Mohammed, may He nail Mariska Hargitay on a weekend trip to Vegas and tell us about it later.

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