My bigot takes the morning train

But I don’t wanna be profiled…

Driving Miss Michelle:

I’ve taken several trips on Amtrak over the past few weeks, and have noticed a lot of extra security lately. Increased police presence inside the station. Increased police presence at the entrance before you get on the tracks. Foot patrols on the trains. Warnings that luggage is not allowed on empty seats next to passengers. Repeated announcements to notify authorities of any suspicious activity. I thought it was a pre-9/11 precaution last week. But the extra security is still out today.

Just noticing.

The refined and ghettofabulous Mrs Tbogg, the L&T Casey, and I have been taking Amtrak back and forth between San Diego and Santa Barbara for weeks now and we haven’t seen anything like this at all.

Then again nobody ever bothers us. I think it’s because we’re white…

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