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 Bush Hands Dick the 16 Words--and the Rest of His Lies

As Christy reported, Judge Reggie Walton set the start date for Scooter Libby’s trial last week. Jury selection begins on January 16, and the trial starts immediately thereafter. I’ve got to give Jennifer Nix a couple of months to do her magic with the manuscript, so that means I’ve got just over two months to write this book.

Since so many FDL readers have already contributed to this project, it’s only fair that I tell you what it will include and how I expect to get it done in time.

Our goal is to bring this book out just in time for the trial. We’ve got three goals for it

  • Provide a primer of the events and the people involved in the Plame Leak so those just tuning in as Scooter takes the stand will know how he got there
  • Show how the cocktail weenie culture of Beltway journalism was complicit in the leak, both during the actual leak phase, and in helping Libby and Rove game the investigation
  • Challenge the narrative Libby’s lawyers want to tell about the events

When Scooter Libby’s lawyers try to pretend Judy Miller is someone who would lie to incriminate (more…)

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