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Greetings From Manhattan


I’m sitting in a  Starbucks on West 67th and Columbus with the incomparable Steve Gilliard. The atmosphere here in Manhattan is quite somber — it’s a sparkling, crisp blue day and according to Steve it’s just as it was the day the towers came down.

The continuing wingnut attempt to whitewash and hijack this this tragedy played out once again last night on ABC, and we’ll let Digby watch it so you don’t  have to:

When they look at the numbers closely, I think they will show an ABC audience that shrank tremendously within the first 15 minutes. This is not because it was politically sensitive but because it is one of the most tedious, incomprehensible pieces of garbage they’ve ever broadcast. A bunch of advertisers must be breathing a sigh of relief this morning that they hadn’t been talked into blowing any money on it. 

They may do propaganda and disinformation well but nothing has yet convinced me there  is a single artistic bone in all of wingnuttia. Think "great right-wing comics" and you’ll likewise come up with a pretty short list. 

I was talking with Johnny Wendell yesterday about his very interesting conversation on Air America Los Angeles with Ray Richmond of the Hollywood Reporter, but Digby beat me to that one  too. Richmond says that the reason ABC refused to pull their 9/11 crapumentary was because Jeb Bush had big favors in the favor bank due to all he’s done for Disney in Florida, and he called in his markers. Steve recommends a look at Carl Hiassen’s hilarious book, Team Rodent, for more on that particular topic.

I have  no idea the truth of the matter, but it certainly is an avenue of inquiry that deserves further investigation. 

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