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NJ Democratic State Committee functionary refers to transgender person as 'that'

This is mind-blowing. Hat tip to Jay Lassiter, who passed on this from A Cher impersonator was hired to boost attendance at the NJ State Democratic Convention LGBTI Caucus, and the move did — an event that normally drew less than ten people had over 100 show up. But then this bigotry emerged whole hog:

But before the event started, Diane Legriede, the executive director of the State Democratic Committee, pointed to “Cher” and said the following:

“We cannot have THAT walking in the hallway.”

“You cannot have THAT inside your Caucus.”

“The State Committee will not have someone like THAT attending dinner — THAT cannot come inside the ballroom.”

“What if the press sees THAT — what if they report on THAT in tomorrow’s papers?”

Diane delivered these statements as a diatribe in the hallway, ironically, drawing attention to an intolerance that was far more embarrassing than anything around her.

Jeezus, the trangendered aren’t even human beings in this woman’s mind; this is sick. And she said that while standing next to a member of the TG community responsible for the leading and sponsoring the caucus, no less.

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