Whatcha gonna do when the muse runs out


We are sad to say that there is no Citizen Journalist Report w/Jeff Godlstein at Hot Air this week even though we’re only two weeks into the fall season. As you may remember, the pilot episode revived the great vaudevillian tradition of funny costumes and amusing rural accents, while episode two treated us with the hilarious hijinks of the Citizen Reporter as he got drunk on camera while slapping a fellow blogger in the face with……a microphone.

Read into that what you will.

While we are pleased to discover that he had one more trick in his bag than, say, the fruit salad dadaism of Gallagher, we didn’t expect his creative juices to go as dry as Kate O’Beirne’s hoohah in August quite this quickly.

Citizen Journalist, we hardly knew ye.

And we’re fine with that…

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