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The Spin I’m In: Road Trippin’

I bought my first convertible a few years ago.  I drive around LA with the top up. I didn’t really realize that it was going to mess with my hair. I’ve been saying to myself, I’ll drive it to Vegas…put a scarf on my head, cruise the strip. Well three years later and I’m finally doing it this weekend. 

Vegas is great…for no more than 48 hours. It’s super exciting arriving in Vegas… the lights, the sound of the slot machines but I always find myself in fast motion getting the hell out of there when the din of the casinos start to orchestrate my nightmare.

But while I’m still digging it I love going to see a show, an old school Vegas show. I’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil there, which I normally like, but not in Vegas…theater seating, no cocktails and all those families…no thanks. Give me a half circle booth watching a flashy Vegas entertainer with a live band, "keep the cocktails coming" and I’m in seventh heaven. I’ve seen some great performers and the experience of seeing them wouldn’t have been as good anywhere else than Vegas…Charo  (totally off the hook), Tom Jones (whose voice is still great), Don Rickles (I was literally crying with laughter), and the awesome spectacles of Siegfried and Roy, and Jubilee. 

This time I probably won’t be seeing any shows because I’ve got other priorities. I’m going with a real live gambler. A serious gambler, which I’m also excited and intrigued about. I haven’t really experienced that side of Vegas too much. I’ll get some pointers, play some Blackjack and take advantage of the free cocktails whilst he burns down the nest egg.

I’d love to hear The Spin You’re In in the comments section. 

The Spin iMix In: Road Trippin’

(requires iTunes version 6.0 and above)


Playlist Notes: This latest installment of Donita Sparks’ The Spin I’m In is the soundtrack for the perfect end of summer road trip. With this playlist you could skip the road trip and escape on the road inside your mind. Kick back, relax and let your mind wander to those out of the way places, roadside diners, motels in the middle of nowhere and attractions like the World’s Largest Beehive that you remember from those lame trips Mom and Dad took you on as a child that you miss so much.

The Spin I’m In: Road Trippin



Nice Day

Persephone’s Bees

Shuffle Your Feet

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Dope Feels Good

The Warlocks

King’s Lead Hat

Brian Eno

Stay Up Late

Talking Heads

The Seed

Cody Chesnutt

Kelly Watch The Stars


What’s New Pussycat?

Tom Jones

Viva Las Vegas

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Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA. Her first solo record, Transmiticate, has been released nationwide and a US tour is booked for Spring and Summer 2008. Donita is also the co-founder and front person of the rock band L7 who have released six studio albums.

Her original scores can be heard in the upcoming feature film The Life of Reilly starring Charles Nelson Reilly and in online projects for Activision and Microsoft. In 1991 Sparks and L7 formed Rock For Choice with the Feminist Majority Foundation staging numerous concerts benefiting pro-choice organizations.
Donita has been a contributing writer at Firedoglake since July 2006 with her music column The Spin I’m In.