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Parents' request to remove kids from trans teacher's class denied

In Batavia, NY, a small town of 16,000, a controversy over whether five parents could transfer their kids out of a class taught by a teacher who was transitioning ended with a denial of the transfer for technical reasons.

The written requests did not meet the guidelines set out by the district, Stutzman said Tuesday without providing specifics. “That’s all between the school, the teacher, the parents,” he said.

A NYT article explains the teacher’s situation.

Students at Batavia High School returned from summer vacation on Wednesday morning and sat through a short presentation on the teacher’s transition and the medical condition propelling it — gender identity disorder, the fervent desire to become a member of the opposite sex and distress at one’s own gender.

The teacher, who is starting her 10th year teaching in the district, has not spoken publicly and the district has not disclosed her name, citing medical privacy laws. No news account had named her, and The New York Times chose not to do so. While she told officials last December about her plan to begin dressing as a woman and undergo hormone therapy in preparation for a sex-change operation Mr. Stutzman said the teacher and the district decided to keep the matter private until two weeks ago.

…To be sure, when the district held a meeting last month to explain the situation to parents, some of them said they were upset by the news.

“It’s wrong,” Amber Robinson, the mother of a 14-year-old boy who is in one of the teacher’s classes, said after the meeting. “If you’ve got a problem, go away. My son is academically challenged and immature — he’s not prepared to handle this. The district is encouraging my son to fail.”

Oh please. How is a transgender teacher going to make this woman’s kid fail? What a sad, ignorant woman.

She’d fit in well with the knuckle-draggers of Freeperland, who are outraged that somehow, all parental rights are under attack.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Where the hell is the aCLU? These students have rights too, don’t they?

Actually, according to the ACLU, your only right is to be subjected the deviant behavior of every twisted liberal on this planet.

There’s the problem. Why would they ask rather than just remove their children? They should also be organizing the recall of the school board.

Parents and students have no rights that the State does not grant them. Homosexuality was supposed to be about consenting adults in private. This blows that lie out of the water. Putting it before minors in public. Indoctrination. Welcome to the liberal world.

The ACLU can’t fight for both the students and the transexual at the same time, it isn’t ethical. On the other hand, the ACLU might just be stupid enough to actually do that.

God must turn His head puking over this! I know I am.

This article inspired me….to post a couple more news articles about home education.

I would be hard pressed to vote to convict any of these parents from taking actions to protect their children should they be arrested. Not guilty by reason of sanity.

What is really unsettling about this report is that apparently only FIVE of this nutcase’s students have parents with enough morals and/or moxie to request a transfer out.

Destroy our planet Lord, I’m begging you.

Hey send these students to the private academy where I work. Momma don’t allow any guitar playin trannies around here.

For the love of God, parents if you love your children get them out of the government schools immediately.

I’m sure that if the teacher was a military veteran and the parents wanted their students out of the class, the school would have allowed it. After all, you can’t have deviant people contaminating the minds of our youth…

More evidence that Court rules schools, not parents, control sex subjects

What amazes me is these parents who haven’t ripped their children out of public screwel. If this is okay with them, then obviously anything is okay with them. Imagine trying to explain to your kid (a) what being a transsexual is and (b) why they have to accept/tolerate it.

It’s so beyond criminally insane that I can’t even say anything more. It’s nothing but child abuse. Mental abuse.

This is what it has come to, all those “special rights” I hope those who say we shouldn’t have a MPA are happy now, this is what they refused to accept would happen. And it will keep happening, since it is the very reason for all the discrimination in employment is all about, and the teachers unions are the biggest lobbyist for them. It’s been said many many times here, and I concur! Get your kids out of these govt indoctrination centers while you still can.

I notice only five parents requested transfers, and were turned down. After re reading the article, there were more than 5. The others found other reasons they knew would get them transfers. In other words they addressed the problem without mentioning why. Still………..disturbing on so many levels it is hard to even comprehend. And how is one “diagnosed” with something that exists in the liberal mind set, and planted there by the same indoctrination, no doubt.

The future of this country is in serious trouble.

This is about body mutilation. This teacher didn’t care for his own penis and had it whacked off. Certainly this has to play on the minds of the young men in his class ~ they’re sitting there thinking “what if he wants to cut mine off too”.

We had this going on in our office ~ many men were bothered immensely by his presence ~ just couldn’t trust him. It’s highly disruptive and children should not be subjected to this sort of torture and abuse by school administrators.

The other parents are afraid ~ when you have an individual running about mutilating himself, apparantly with the support of the courts and expensive lawyers, you should be reluctant to face down these kooks. On the other hand, you should get your kid out of that situation.

It’s so beyond criminally insane that I can’t even say anything more. It’s nothing but child abuse. Mental abuse. That’s exactly what it is. Sick, isn’t it?

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