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Open thread – Papa Ratzi break

Ah, it’s nice to have another gem from Mike Tidmus

Montage : Mike Tidmus. Photos : Peter Tatchell (UK Gay News), Papa Ratzi (Jerry Lampen/Reuters).

It must be a bitch running around balancing a towering tiara, getting into and out of the Popemobile without snagging that billowing floor-length gown, and tippy-tapping your way through the masses in last-season’s Prada loafers.

…In a telling display of Vatican grace, gratitude and cooperation, Papa Ratzi used the eve of his visit to Germany to attack tolerance in general and gay people in particular.

Gloves off, bitch!

Time to chat and blogwhore!

UPDATE: Blender Daimeon points to the latest addition to Papa’s fashion collection:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pope Benedict XVI wears a “saturno hat”, inspired by the ringed planet Saturn, to shield himself from the sun as he is driven through the crowd of faithful prior to his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)


How about these boyz of Ratzi run amok, passed along by Paul in SF:

Dutch priest charged in Madonna threat. And this one is few pancakes short of a stack.

Amsterdam prosecutors said Friday a 63-year-old priest has confessed to phoning in a fake bomb threat to a Madonna concert in the Dutch capital city last week. “He was hoping to stop her from performing her famous ‘crucifixion’ act,” prosecution spokesman Robert Meulenbroek said, referring to a scene in the 48-year-old pop star’s latest show.

The scene, a mock re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ, offended some Christians during earlier concerts in Italy and Germany. Two Amsterdam concerts went ahead as planned on Sunday and Monday, despite a handful of protesters.

Meulenbroek said it was likely prosecutors would seek a community service punishment for the priest, since it was very likely this was his first such offense. The priest was arrested almost immediately after making the threat Sunday, since he used his home phone to make it, and he called an emergency services number where the call was automatically traced.


The pedophile priest hits keep on coming…

Former Gonzaga University President John Leary was involved in the sexual abuse of boys and young men in the 1960s, but the priest’s actions were covered up by Jesuit officials, the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus said Friday. Leary, who died in 1993, led the Jesuit-run university in Spokane from 1961 to 1969. No details about the abuse or number of victims were immediately released.

“While today, stronger safeguards and clearer policies are in place, the Jesuits wish to publicly acknowledge the failures of our history and apologize to those who have suffered,” the Rev. John D. Whitney of Portland, Ore., leader of the Oregon Province, said in a news release Friday. He called the cover up “uncharacteristic.”

…The revelation was another blow for Catholics in the Spokane area. The Catholic Diocese of Spokane, which does not control the university, has filed for bankruptcy protection two years ago because of lawsuits filed by victims of sexual abuse by priests.

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