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Fox News sponsorship of NLGJA conference sets off the Freepi

Yesterday I mentioned Porno Pete was wailing about the fact that the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) annual convention is being sponsored by major corporations, including Fox News, which is a “Feature Level” sponsor ($10,000).

LaBarbera dashed off an angry letter to Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes and passed it on to fundie news org LifeSiteNews.

Americans for Truth (AFT) is asking Fox News Channel to be “fair and balanced” by giving $10,000 to a conservative group to match its donation to NLGJA. In a letter sent today to Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes, AFT President Peter LaBarbera wrote: “FOX News cannot claim to be ‘fair and balanced’ in its coverage of homosexuality while providing large grants to a special interest group like the [NLGJA] that demonizes religious conservatives and, worse, seeks to influence the media nationwide to exclude conservative critics of the homosexual political/cultural agenda from gay-related stories.”

…LaBarbera suggests in his letter that Fox News Channel give a “balancing grant” to a pro-family organization since it would “signal that Fox News Channel is committed to living up to its credo and not taking sides in the Culture War.” LaBarbera adds, “It would also … show respect for the tens of millions of Americans who do not deserve to be likened to the KKK simply for adhering to historic Judeo-Christian beliefs.”

Uh…wouldn’t all of Fox News programming suffice as sufficient balance? No, not for this crowd. You know I had to see what the Freepers thought about this, since I knew that once Porno Pete put it out there, someone over in the swamp would pick up the item.

Sure enough, there are some gems to be found in the sewage; bonus points for the sh*t-stirring “más macho” graphic. Actually, when you start reading these comments, you have to wonder if they are talking about the same Fox News Channel we all know, or one that exists in some alternate Bizarro World. What they fail to realize is that Fox, as an employer, probably has plenty of gay folks on their team, though the Freepi probably fantasize the news outlet has some sort of “homometer” to screen them out.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

FNC needs to change its slogan to “We’re Part Of The Liberal MSM Now!”

FOX is just another MSM station that hides its liberal agenda with the “fair and balanced” slogan.

Geez…why we cowtow to the 1.5% degenerate class is beyond me. I have a simple rule in life. Never endorse the lifestyle of a man that wants to stick his ha-ha into another mans he-he. If you are g-a-y- im happy for you but if you open your mouth you are subject to my social ridicule.

This was Shep’s idea, wasn’t it?

I think it was Shep’s check….

This sounds like extortion. Should I demand Fox News to donate $10,000 to my organization?

I guess if you think Fox News is a conservative news organization this would surprise you. I’m not surprised.

It maybe false headlines but I haven’t been too happy lately with FOX on other issues and their liberal headings.

I’ve been complaining for over two years now Fox isn’t Conservative.

Good point, these faggots and dykes are merely using a Jesse Jackass-type extortion threat to get funds….trying to force Fox News to cower to their demands in fear of MSM exposure of non-sympathy to queers……

I think it must be gay little Shep’s ‘protector’ who made this donation for the company. Shep is a news reader who can’t even read the news without flubbing.

none of them are G A Y – they are H O M O S E X U A L S

29 posted on 09/08/2006 6:33:18 PM PDT by martin_fierro (< |:)~)

I agree. The MSM has been lambasting FNC for being conservative and FNC is trying to go further left.I have e-mailed them a few times to point out that the MSM and liberals will NEVER like them so, please, give us a conservative point of view at least half the time. The liberals get far more minutes in discussions than the conservatives. I have read that FNC is losing viewers and I can guess why.

perfect! If fox gives the butt pirates and the carpet munchin’ crowd any dough it will be the last time I tune in.

Metrosexualism run amok!

I’ve always said, at best, FNC is a moderate channel that simply provides the occasional counterpoint to liberal stories. The issues however (that is, what IS the news…what will become news du jour) is still decided by the liberal MSM. When we have a truly conservative news channel (one that defines what will be the day’s news…OUR ISSUES), it’s gonna blow the socks off of the gains that FNC had in the last few years.

Yeah once the dems started complaining about them they turned wussy

Okay, just for the record. Tucker Carlson is married with three or 4 kids. Bill Hemmer dated Kimberly Guilfoyle after her divorce and I seem to remember a movie starlet for several years but I cannot remember her name.

Sometimes FR’s knee jerks so hard that it goes straight through its forehead.

We need a news network that is NPC . The FreeRepublic News Channel has a nice sound:’)

Conservatives are hard to find on Fox News. Britt Hume and Charles Krauthammer are legitimate. Billwy Kristol and Fweddie Barnes are embarrassments who claim to be conservatives.

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