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Blue America Update: Lots of News


Howie Klein sent me this great news, and I thought you guys would want to mark your calendars:

Robert Kennedy’s and Mike Papantonio’s Air America show, Ring of Fire is pretty hard-hitting and not the place you might expect to catch up with a singer-singerwriter. But Rickie Lee Jones isn’t exactly a typical singer-songwriter– and she can be pretty hard-hitting herself. See for yourself this weekend when she joins Mike and Robert, Saturday 5- 7 PM (EST) and Sunday 3-5 PM in most cities. You can find your local Air America station at or listen online at that site. Some of the local affiliates do not carry Air America on weekends, or carry it at various times so check. But you can always listen to the show online. Next week, the show will be archived at the Ring of Fire website.

Knowing Rickie, she’ll have lots to talk about and one thing will no doubt be the project she’s involved with for Blue America– and the song she recorded, "Have You Had Enough?".

Huge congrats to everyone involved in the song, including our own Tommy Yum!

Our Wednesday Blue America guest — Chris Carney, running in PA-10 — got great news this week, with a poll putting him seven points ahead of his opponant, Don Sherwood.  The thought that we could turn a red district blue with a win for Carney is fantastic — but the thought of him beating Don Sherwood just makes me grin.  Please consider donating to Chris if you can swing it — this is truly a race that is very winnable, and one that I would love to see us take with a hefty margin.  (Sherwood ranks up there with Mean Jean Schmidt on my list of races to win.)

Howie also sends this along:  "Our guest for the Blue America chat this Saturday will be Roger Sharpe, in the toughest race we’ve introduced so far. It’s in North Carolina’s Piedmont area (NC-05) and Roger faces the only woman in the U.S. House whose voting record is further to the right than Mean Jean Schmidt’s– Virginia Foxx (who first came to prominence as a state legislator when she introduced North Carolina’s bigoted anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment)."  Should be a great chat — and I hope everyone can make it!

— For you Washington State readers, Howie has some information on a race in the WA-35.

Donna Edwards just got endorsed by the Teamsters in her race.  Go Donna!

— For some Friday fun, I’m posting the link for the Rowley supporter-made video using Have You Had Enough?, just because it makes me smile.  (Love the fact that this fella put the video together and put it up on YouTube all on his own.  Great moxie — and the video is a kick!)

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