All bloody shirt waving, all of the time

“Don’t let the people know you don’t know what you’re doing.”

The 9/11 blitz just keeps on getting blitzier:

President Bush will address the nation Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The White House requested network time for the speech from the Oval Office. The speech will begin at 9 p.m. EST and could last up to 18 minutes.

Bush is expected to reflect on the lessons learned from Sept. 11 and the future of War on Terror. It is not considered a political speech and will not be used to call on Congress to do anything specific.

“It will not be a political speech. It will not be calls to action by Congress, but instead reflect a date that’s burned into all our experiences,” said White House spokesman Tony Snow. He said the speech “will have a note of optimism and at the same time sobriety about what we’ve been through.”

So will ABC preempt the first fifteen minutes of There’s Something About the Clenis to broadcast 15 minutes of George Bush reliving the best and worst day of his life? Doubtful. Of course, George Bush could turn it into his own personal docudrama by just sitting there for the first seven minutes staring and blinking at the camera while making little “boing-boing” sounds in his head and it would be just like it was happening again Run! Hide! Pee yourself!

The president will travel Sunday to New York’s Ground Zero. On Monday, he will visit the Pentagon and the rural Pennsylvania field where United Flight 93 passengers forced hijackers to crash to avoid further loss of life.

Karl Rove has already called down to the prop department and requested a bullhorn, a bloody shirt and some of Barbara Olson’s ashes if they’ve got any laying around.

It’s really interesting how much effort they are going through to remind us of one of their greatest failures. I think they’re still trying to make us forget about Katrina which just goes to show you that Karl Rove is still off of his game.

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