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Responses to Joe's challenge

So far, Joe Brummer hasn’t had too many anti-gay takers on his challenge, which I posted about a few days ago. The questions he posed:

Part 1: Please explain to me what the world would look like if your mission was accomplished when it comes to gays. Paint me a picture of how the world would look if that which you are trying to achieve comes to “BE”. Show me what the end goal would look like when it is finally met.

Part 2: Considering lots of people don’t believe the same way you do, tell me if the actions, process and appraoch you are taking is really helping people. How is your ministry, blog, website or organization helping to reach that goal.

Two have stepped up to the plate with responses — Mark at Chester Street and PHB contributor Russ‘s anti-blogger Adam Graham.

Surf over to Joe’s pad as well to view the comments in responses. Come back and share your take.

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Pam Spaulding