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Problem: Bad Grades. Solution: More Drugs!

I’m looking through these big tubes as I scan the internets when this little gem appears on MSNBC:

Seeking straight A’s, parents push for pills
Pediatricians report increasing requests for ‘academic doping’

A 15-year-old girl and her parents recently came in for a chat with Dr. James Perrin, a Boston pediatrician, because they were concerned about the girl’s grades. Previously an A student, she was slipping to B’s, and the family was convinced attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was at fault — and that a prescription for Ritalin would boost her brainpower.

Parents want their kids to excel in school, and they’ve heard about the illegal use of stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall for “academic doping.” Hoping to obtain the drugs legally, they pressure pediatricians for them. Some even request the drugs after openly admitting they don’t believe their child has ADHD.

Academic doping — using these stimulant prescriptions in an effort to enhance focus, concentration and mental stamina — first started on college campuses, especially Ivy League and exclusive, competitive schools. Now, the problem is filtering down to secondary schools, Yates says, and more parents are playing a role in obtaining prescription ADHD medication for their teenagers.

I can only imagine that these parents, hoping to score some Ritalin for their kid, are the same kind of people who would freak out if they caught their kid with meth, and not even see the irony that both are very powerful addictive stimulants. These are the same kind of people who would believe that smoking a joint will make you grow manboobs, make you sterile, make you run over a little girl at a drive-thru, make you shoot your best friend with daddy’s handgun, and make you finance terrorism, but figure Ritalin must be okay because it is legal.

Message to those kinds of parents: It’s not the lack of Ritalin. Your kid just is just dumb or lazy. Get over it. Take away the TV, PlayStation, & PC in their room and make them study. Get yourself away from the TV and help them.

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