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Not to be believed — an 'ex-gay' TV show

“The last thing people of faith need is more pure propaganda and pure nonsense that is rejected by every mainstream mental health organization in the nation. We are deeply concerned that innocent young people dealing with their sexual orientation will be led to self-destructive behavior, including suicide, by a show designed to confuse fact with fiction.”
— Truth Wins Out’sExecutive Director Wayne Besen, on the launch of “Pure Passion,” an ex-gay show debuting on two “Christian” nets.

Good god. On September 18, some outlet called The Sky Angel Satellite Network will run “Pure Passion”. The show will also run on the Christian Television Network.

So, is it going to be a “Survivor”-type show, where homos who fall off the wagon get booted from the program, or is it just a celebration of “freedom from homosexuality?” Take a look at the hosts, and imagine the programming.

The show, produced by Mastering Life Ministries, will be hosted by David Kyle Foster, a former male prostitute; Exodus International President and self-confessed former thief Alan Chambers; pop singer Sy Rogers; and ex-lesbian activist and self-avowed former “home-wrecker” Christine Sneeringer.

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