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Maryland may elect the country's first openly gay black state lawmakers

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has endorsed two black candidates for Maryland House of Delegates, Anthony McCarthy and Mary Washington. If either is elected, this will be a milestone, as both are openly gay. It will also toss a wrench into the intellectually bankrupt black homobigot machine, which paints homosexuality as a white man’s perversion — McCarthy, running in District 44 (Baltimore) is also a pastor, btw. (Wash Blade):

“We stand at a very unique opportunity in this country, where civil rights are at the forefront of state legislatures,” [McCarthy] said. “It goes to figure that Mary Washington, and I would seize this moment as an opportunity to be a part of that debate.”

Washington, a business professional running in District 43 (Baltimore), said being known as the nation’s first openly gay black legislator would help her succeed in Annapolis. “I have a unique and interesting opportunity to build some bridges,” she said. “I really look forward to being able to build new alliances.”

[Robin Brand of the Victory Fund] said a victory by either candidate would reinforce Maryland’s progressive political tendencies. “It shows that even in predominantly African-American districts, voters care more about what their elected officials can do for them on the issues they care about than they do about the sexual orientation of the person who represents them,” she said.

…McCarthy said his sexual orientation has rarely been an issue during his campaign, and he did not expect the Victory Fund endorsement to change that.

But even if it did, he said, the plight of gay Marylanders is something to which black Marylanders can relate.

“When it comes to civil rights, when it comes to human rights,” he said, “the African-American community is acutely aware of what it’s like to live in America and be treated like second-class citizens.”

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