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BREAKING:  ABC is going to make a statement shortly on whether it will pull the mini-series, according to MSNBC — until we hear one way or the other, keep up the pressure, gang.  More as I get it.  12:54 pm ET. 

UPDATECNN has more on the ABC statement.  (H/T to Glenn for e-mailing me the link.)


Hi, I’m a consumer.  And you have pissed me off.  I do not support lies and fiction falsely labeled as fact.  Constructive criticism is perfectly legitimate — but making crap up about 9/11 and trying to pass it off to the public as reality?  No.

And if you think that I won’t take my dollars elsewhere — or talk with my local school board and cable company about taking their dollars elsewhere — you have another thing coming.

Some ideas on Scholastic:

This DKos diary.  (H/T lina)

Great idea from LindyH for her son’s open house at school.

TrueBlue provides these e-mail addresses:  (Please be polite — you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.)

Trueblue also pulls this information from a ThinkProgress comment:

Just got off the phone with Ms. Kyle Good, VP of Corporate Communications at Scholastic. They have pulled the material and are meeting shortly to discuss what to do. They know there are many materials already out there and are discussing what to do or how to deal with it.
Please call their offices right now (10:55 AM – Eastern Time).

Contact Us

For comments or questions concerning Scholastic products or services, please contact:

Investor Relations

Corporate Communications
(Kyle Good’s office)

Kimster also provides this for contacting Scholastic:

I called the Scholastic phone number and got the same reference to . The woman I talked to was receptive.

Send an email to them. The woman assured me that Scholastic is reading every email.

Also: if you have kids, mention that fact. Scholastic is HUGE in school library systems and they count on the Scholastic Book Fairs held yearly at schools, for a heap of their revenue. I told them that I will not support the fair (I volunteer there each year at my girls’ school) nor buy their books if they distribute the miniseries.

Some ideas on Disney/ABC:

— Birdoblog has a list of Disney/ABC advertisers. (H/T cbl)

Open Letter to ABC blog.  (H/T dabloquiman)

As Knot says:  Cancel Disney subscriptions, and when they ask why, tell them it is because of their support of "The Path to 9/11" — and that you will continue your boycott until they make the movie factually accurate or cancel it altogether.

Katerina provides this information on contacting Disney:

Called our local ABC affiliate to protest. Told them I will be blocking their station on our family TV if they air this travesty. The woman at the station recommended contacting Disney at this number:

Disney: 1-818-560-1000

[UPDATE:  looseheadprop provides a second number:  818-460-7477  — it seems this first number has been overwhelmed.]

You will get a live operator. Tell them you want to leave a comment about Path to 9/11. Ask for the direct comment line so you do not end up in voice-mail hell.

As a mom of two (Disney-mad) kids, I figure Disney should hear that I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore (and not gonna pass any more bucks their way until they change their ways.) I urge any other angry moms out there to do the same.

Thanks to everyone and please leave other contact ideas in the comments.

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