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Wildmon goes after CBS for airing '9/11' with profanity

9/11, the documentary by the Naudet brothers that takes you inside the events that occurred during the attack at the World Trade Center, will air again on CBS, with additional material and updates. The network has taken steps to warn affiliates that it plans to air the documentary with raw language intact for journalistic integrity, which could subject them to fines by the FCC. It’s not enough for Camp Wildmon, which has launched this tirade.

Not content with all the profanity already on TV, CBS has decided to air the profanity-laden unedited version of “9/11” on Sept. 10. The decision by CBS is a slap in the face to the FCC and Congress, which recently raised indecency fines to $325,000 per incident.

“9/11,” which will be shown in prime-time, contains a tremendous amount of hardcore profanity. CBS has stated they have not, and will not, make any cuts in the amount and degree of profanity. CBS will ignore the law. The network is suing the FCC over the indecency law, saying they should be able to show whatever they desire whenever they desire. CBS wants no limits.

This is a test case for CBS to see how far they can go. If there is no out-pouring of complaints from the public, they will go further the next time.

The profanity is so bad that CBS has warned their affiliates that they could be subject to huge fines. The FCC says it will fine not only the networks, but also affiliates if the law is violated. Under the new Broadcast Decency Act the $325,000 per incident could run into millions of dollars not only for the network but also for local affiliates.

CBS could very easily bleep out the profanity, but they refuse. The goal of CBS is to be able to show whatever they want at anytime. The network wants no restraints on their programming. If they are allowed to get away with this, they will simply air even more profanity in the future.

He then calls for a letter-writing campaign to CBS and affiliates, asking the FCC to fine all affiliates that air the broadcast.

Obviously the network will have disclaimers throughout the program about disturbing images and audio that will give the fundies adequate time to tune out. These American Family Association control freaks seem to be indicating that no one in the organization, or its followers, either 1) possesses a remote control, 2) knows how to activate the parental controls on cable, or 3) can operate the remote control or the on/off switch on the television.

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