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Open thread – flying beasts

Yesterday in the early evening, Kate and I were watching the last ep of the Project Runway DVD, and from the sofa you can see the deck and backyard through the back door window. She happened to glance over that way and practically yelled:

K: Did you see that!
P: What?
K: There was a huge bird out there!
P: [I’m looking out at the deck and see a squirrel staggering around on the ledge; it jumps off.] I see the squirrel. What bird?
K: It was gigantic!
P: I didn’t see anything. What the hell was it?

Apparently some sort of flying beast (hawk, owl, vulture?), swooped down and tried to scoop up a bird or the squirrel. This is the first time we’ve had a winged predator flying around. I’ve been joking with her that she must have seen a pterodactyl on the hunt and that if we don’t watch out, it will scoop Chloe (the Bichon) away…

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I once saw a giant hawk swoop down off of a building, cross in front of my car and and snatch up a rabbit that I was driving by on a road. It was the weirdest thing. Apparently the folks in the First Union building were well aware of this hawk and its feeding territory.

Anyway, how random is this post? lololol.


Oh, if you scroll down, there are now links below the “Best of the Blend” section in the middle to interviews with Margaret Cho (audio and transcript) and Tab Hunter (audio only; Kate’s still working on the transcript). The Cho interview is a hard slog on audio, a bit disjointed (she seemed tired).

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