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I can't wait to see answers to these questions

Blogger Joe Brummer has an interesting challenge for anti-gays up at his pad, so I’m giving it more exposure:

I have had many anti-gay advocates come to my blog or use other blogs to make challenges of the gay community or me. I have asked many anti-gay people to tell me the goal, none have ever really answered the question, and that doesn’t really surpirse me since I have a feeling many of them do know the goal. So I have decided I would put out a challenge to them in good faith. I am sure some will just use this as a venue to attack me or GLBT people, but some may use this as an opportunity to show us what it is they are really trying to accomplish from their point of view. This is a chance to really show GLBT people and their supporters that your intentions really are rooted in love and good faith.

The Challenge: (Please answer the following questions)

Part 1: Please explain to me what the world would look like if your mission was accomplished when it comes to gays. Paint me a picture of how the world would look if that which you are trying to achieve comes to “BE”. Show me what the end goal would look like when it is finally met.

Part 2: Considering lots of people don’t believe the same way you do, tell me if the actions, process and appraoch you are taking is really helping people. How is your ministry, blog, website or organization helping to reach that goal.

I would be particularly interested in DL Foster’s, Peter La Barbera’s, Matt Barber’s, Stephen Bennett’s, even someone from Exodus’ well thought out and REALISTIC answers.

Joe also asks those on our side not to make assumptions about the types of answers that may come in (if they do at all). He has way more patience than I do with the above people; I applaud him for extending an opportunity to these folks to try and tease out an actual answer about what the point of their activities is.

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