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If you want some entertaining reading, look no further than “Six Years In Sodom: From The Journal Of James Hartline.”

This post on his blog is a peek inside the twisted, sad mind of the “former homosexual” and “pro-family” activist who is clearly still obsessed with the life he never really left behind. The pathology is hanging out there for all to see — and it is unbelievable.

I have lived in the midst of a modern spiritual Sodom, a neighborhood called Hillcrest, the homosexual stronghold of San Diego, California. The moment that God instructed me to move into my present location in 2000, the devil came to me and said directly to me that I would not survive, that he would kill me off.

…The same treacherous and demonic immorality that was pervasive in ancient Sodom has arisen again in the newly resurrected Sodomic gay communities around the United States. I have lived through six years inside of the gay community of Hillcrest as a commited Christian and I am a sure witness that Sodom has, in fact, resurrected itself. The anti-christian hatred that continues to grow unabated inside of this neighborhood has been cloned, spiritually speaking, from ancient Sodom. The atmosphere, the attitudes, the sexual immorality, they are all the same as that which permeated ancient Sodom.

There’s an unhinged section where he gives readers the impression that gays and lesbians are stalking him, waiting outside his apartment to do goodness-knows-what (“I have no fence around my apartment and over these past six years, the angels of God have encamped about my home.”) He also makes these claims:

I have been spit on by supporters of the gay agenda. I have been grabbed around the throat and thrown to the ground by a demon possessed homosexual activist. I have been mocked over and over again by ungodly and unprincipled anti-christian lesbians.

I almost feel sorry for this man. He is damaged, and it’s not because he’s gay — he has only a thread of connection to reality. How this man has achieved any credibility as a spokesperson for the “ex-gay” community is astonishing.

Timothy at Ex-Gay Watch has a rundown on the sordid past of Hartline.

* ‘Former homo’ Hartline torches Crazy Lou Sheldon

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