Call 1-800-framing person for our low low rates

According to Roy, Leon Wolf is pretty steamed about the Associated Press (a division of Lying MSM Bastards LLC) changing “pro-life” to “anti-abortion” in their stylebook, because:

So what exactly have the folks at Associated Press done? In the first place, they’ve done a great “framing” favor to the pro-choice side by casting the pro-lifers as the “anti-” side in the debate. As any “framing” person will tell you, labeling any cause as “anti-” anything will make it less appealing than labeling it “pro-” something else, even if they are functionally equivalent (pro-freedom sounds more attractive than anti-slavery…)

I have to agree with Leon, and because I want to make the move from a “…somewhat popular blogger” to “…insanely popular – you know you want to sleep with him – blogger“, I am changing my outlook on things to reflect the new pro-attractive me. Therefore I am no longer “anti-war”; I am “pro-peace”. Nor am I any longer “anti-Bush” but instead I’m “pro-someone smart”.

Begone dark clouds of negativity…hello fucking ray of sunshine me!

In solidary with this movement, the Malkinistas will no longer be calling themselves “anti-illegal immigration” opting for the much more upbeat “pro-white people + Michelle and maybe La Shawn if she watches her ass”.

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