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I Love a Parade


CT Keith got his moment in the CNN sun today when cameras caught him separating a middle-aged female Lieberman supporter in a Harley t-shirt from the man in a Lamont t-shirt after she attacked him at today’s Labor Day parade (where Lieberman was not allowed to march with Democrats).  According to Keith, the man was carrying his infant child when the woman — who tipped the scales at 200 lbs. plus– didn’t think it was appropriate that he bring the child to the parade that drew both Lamont, Lieberman and their mutual supporters.  Using irrefutable LieberLogic, she deduced however that it was appropriate to physically assault him for doing so.

As Keith said, "that low-information voter strategy must be paying off for Joe." Look for Loserman strategists to find a way to make Joe look like the victim in all of this, it’s their perpetual ace-in-the-hole (for which the press seems to have an omnivorous appetite).

Keith also got a chance to talk to Joe briefly, and tried to hand him a "kiss" button (still for sale on EBay here, the proceeds to help Keith and Ed repay their expenses). "That’s a bunch of nonsense," said Lieberman.

Later, Joe approached Keith once again and said, "it’s very important that we stay civil." 

"I agree with that, Senator, but it’s more important that we stop this war," said Keith.

I’ll leave it to others to explain how lying and race baiting and get worked into Joe’s definition of civil and simply note according to people at the parade, Ned had four or five times as many marchers with him as Joe did. Joe’s procession moved at a snail’s pace down the parade route so as not to get fragmented and look like their numbers were even more pitiful than they actually were.

Said one Lamont supporter, "they moved extremely slowly — as funeral processions often do,"

Update: Nice AP Headline

Lieberman marches alone as former allies surround Lamont

Kind of sums it up, wouldn’t you say?

Update II:  The CNN YouTube now available above. Thanks to Spazeboy.

(photo of CTKeith by DeanFan84, who has video of Keith’s encounter with Joe and says he will have it up soon.) 

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