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Gee, is anybody out there? I figure folks are out enjoying the long weekend, so I’m putting up a thread for gabbing.


* Hey, do you want to talk to The Tool, John McCain? Apparently he is stopping by Yahoo’s Talk to Power with Judy Woodruff, who is soliciting questions for the likely 2008 candidate. I should ask how it feels to be so far up Bush’s patootie. Someone’s already left a comment on The Tool’s position on civil marriage equality:

I met you once at AZ Boy’s State in the 80’s. I remember while explaining the art of compromise, you explained how you had once voted for a rabidly anti-gay bill in exchange for that legislator’s support for other legislation. Do you still consider Gay Americans expendable bargaining chips or somehow less equal than Straight American’s under our Constitution?

That should be fun.

* Mike Tidmus sent a link to a Brit documentary that has the White House outraged — Death of a President. Let’s just say this will never make it on U.S. television.

Random Blend stuff:

* Kate and I were interviewed for Queercents’ Money & Mates column — it’s up now.

* Next Thursday, I’ll be taking off for Miami to attend the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association‘s 2006 National Convention & 3rd Annual LGBT Media Summit. I’ll be on one of the Saturday panels (here’s the program):

Advocacy + Personality + Journalism = Blogging
“The Big Gay Picture,” “Pam’s House Blend” and “Good As You” have personalities that give each blog a unique style and take on issues affecting our community. All work to bring news and analysis to their readers in a manner that is smart, witty and thoughtful. Join us as the people behind the three blogs talk about how they use their varying points of view and sensibilities to promote LGBT causes.

Coordinator: Michael Jensen, Editor,
Sarah Warn, Editor,
Pam Spaulding, Publisher, Pam’s House Blend
Jeremy Hooper, Founder/Editor, Good As You

I’ve not been to Miami before, but Ms. Julien (formerly in Miami) will be coming down for the event. I don’t know if there’s a critical mass of Blenders down there, but maybe a meet up can be arranged if someone wants to help find a good venue.

* This year I’ll be attending ConvergeSouth, a bloggercon that is open to the public (register here) on Saturday, October 14 in Greensboro, NC at NC A&T; University. There’s a Friday Night Aycock Neighborhood Barbecue for attendees. I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers (and NC Blenders, if you can make it to the con). Here’s the schedule.

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