On the plus side, things will be much quieter around here…

Countdown Its getting to the flight time
Night stars are shining in my eyes
My shoes are going to be the first ones
To dance deep up in the skies
Dancing in Heaven
I never thought I could get my feet this far

The Ventin’ Yenta writes:

AMERICA! Convert to Islam or Die

The enemy does not veer off course. The left (and the UN, and the Eurabians, and the communists) may turn itself inside out to avoid the 800lb barbarian in the room but the adherents to Islam are doing it by the book (the Koran). Islam requires that an enemy state be given the chance to convert to Islam before being attacked and killed. Very much like the letter Ahmadinejad sent to Bush here and the fatwa Osama issued back in 1998 against America.

Hmmmm. On the one hand you have the likes of Pam who would rather go Full Metal Masada than switch, but then she has religious reasons that play into her decision that don’t weigh upon my choices. I mean, I pretended that I was a good Catholic boy in school and in church for many years and the priests were none the wiser, or possibly they were but they kept quiet for their own reasons. They’re good at stuff like that. Surely, if need be, we can fake out your garden variety Imam; bunch of wankers that they are. As for the evangelicals, well, they won’t have to worry about converting as God (that would be their God…old white guy, beard, deep resonant voice, that God) will step in the last second and sweep them up all up into heaven for the All-Eternity Rapture Rave where you won’t need Ecstasy to see God because you’ll already be in throes of ecstasy, movin’ butts to the backbeats birthed by MC 900ft. Jesus. The other religions, too numerous to name here, have their own God to stick up for them and I’m sure that Odin, Zeus, Jupiter, Vishnu, Svarog, and Eric Clapton each has His own contingency plan because, well, They are all God and nothing horrible happens that They haven’t forseen…except for James Blunt; O Lord, please smite him like you have never smitten anyone before….


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